You don’t need it, trust me

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You don’t need it, trust me

I have been following Colin on his You Tube Channel for some time. The latest video he has put out, is actually very apt. He has nailed the issue of more and more of us, whether it be home schooling, or dipping our toes in to the thorny world of WFH, could all do with a wake up call. You see a lot of us – me included suffer from GAS – Gear Aquisition Syndrome. The constant need or belief that we need bigger, faster and more powerful IT. The truth of it is, that we are all becoming the hypnotised slaves of the corpoprate IT machine. Quite frankly, I have found that running a website, and various social media platform, you need a lot less than you think.

How many of you as users, think that Threadripper, Ryzenn3, class 10 Intel CPU, or even Xeon for god sake are required, what is more, how many of us have blindly thought that the idea of a RTX 2080 11GB DDR6 GPU a wonderful idea. Starting to ring bells. What is more, how many have stuck 32, 64 or even 128GB of memory in to their PC’s. Or Worst still, and my own admision, if we are a worshipper at the alter that is Apple.

Apple is a whole different place of pain and pleasure. Sure no one can argue over their domiance and brilliance in the execution of someone else kernal (OSX is not an Apple original, you have Gastron Gonnet to thank for that – But the whole Apple ideolgy, is a drug. If you are reading this on a Mac, iPhone, iPad, then it’s too late, you are in need of help. Or a 12 step programme.

So what Colin shows us in his video is that for the most part, the actual reality of what a lot of us need, for what we need to do is infact quite suprinsing.

Once again, GAS is the real problem. Enjoy the video.

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