The Need to Amuse

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The Need to Amuse

Parents these days, hell bent on providing their off spring with a constant stream of entertainment, activities and outlets for them to engage. So that literally every waking moment, contains something. I dare say as we approach the weekend, a lot of you on here, will have to become the unpaid entertainer, taxi, provider of fun. A sort of modern day jester, to keep the siblings entertained and god forbid stave off the dreaded! An emotion mood, whose mere word carries the fear to your soul. I refer to the dreaded state of Boredom. Well I have a theory, I am 48 and I think I am fairly well adjusted, I can recall with complete clarity huge chunks of boredom, hour upon hour of being so tediously, out of my head, raged with an emotional wave of having not a thing to do. But was it a bad thing, I did for the most part discover the joy of reading, of discovering new things, of discovering Tolkien, Perry Rhodan – we are talking late 70’s here well before I discovered the joy of technology. Like the Apple II, or a Commodore VIC20. So is it so wrong to be BORED?

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