Paranoid, or just COVID fatigue

Paranoid, or just COVID fatigue

I encountered a technical issue yesterday, one, that normally would be a passing thing, something, I would just get slightly pissed off about, one that would not play on my mind. But you see the problem I encountered actually gave me insight into something, that, none of us really want to have to think about. What other people say about us behind our back. Let’s face it “watercooler talk” is something that has always gone on. We all, not one of us, sometimes might pass comments about a fellow work college. But when it is served up to you, and, you can read it for yourself, due to a error or a problem with the software, or someones inadvertent inability to forgot that what they are telling someone about someone else, they are actually telling the person in question, well, that is either bad form, or a bit of slip up. However, I had a long think about what I read, and I made a decision. Many years ago my late father whom was a ex 20 years plus military man, told me something, that I thought was either very good advice or his dry sarcastic comment, showing his sense of humor. He said “Don’t trust anyone, how ever much you think they have you back, rely only upon yourself, and your own moral compass, as most people are basically CUNTS!”. Well folks that bit of advice meant more of a comic one liner to me, expect yesterday, after my unfortunate/fortunate software issue. I am taking my late fathers advice, and from now on. I am going to be less open, and will not be the person who expands a conversation to others. I will just say yes and no, and not offer opinion or insight into my life, or what happens. I found yesterday that those whom I entrusted, are actually a bunch of CUNTS! So will be treated as such, from now on. Perhaps I should have not been so trusting with these people as I first thought, and perhaps from now on I will be a that person who offers nothing to anyone. I think those people know who they are. If you read this, have think about what you said. In your fucking ivory towers of self fucking importance, as you are so much better than the rest of us aren’t you. Oh yes what does spring to mind – If you do wander on this and you realize what I am talking about. What spineless, sneaky, almost self righteous little arse holes you are. Hope you have a wonderful happy life. But then again, you are so self involved and up yourself you probably think you are far better than me, at least that what appeared to be the jist of your comments. I wish you well. Don’t ask me for anything ever again, that ship has sailed, under the bridge you burnt down.

What a sad thing I have to do, just to keep my sanity.

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