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Gods Amongst Us Part One
4 stories greet us in this current release of the Torchwood main range. What are we to expect from the reboot almost of the audio range
Torchwood – Deadbeat Escape
The only thing I can say about this rather glorious piece of science fiction / horror story is that should have been delayed in it’s release until [...]
Torchwood – Instant Karma
The is more than a fair share of tipping your hat at the much maligned and often viewed VHS film Scanners. Cronenburg’s film tells the story [...]
15. Torchwood Corpse Day
Dark, the series that Big Finish has presented here is dark, ludicrously so.This is something that could never have happened on TV. This release is even [...]
The Office of Never Was
This is absolute brilliance personified. The whole thing, for me, was well written, incredibly dark, very subtle, and fantastically acted. The whole [...]
Torchwood One: Before the Fall
Well, I have to admit that I am not the most ardent fan of Torchwood. I find personally the need to adhere to the writing of this sci-fi being paraded with [...]
Torchwood – Broken
Ianto, love lorn, depressed, and suicidal is not the best you would imagine, however, hats off to the wonderful Gareth David-Lloyd, who plays Ianto Jones, [...]
2.4 Moving Target Torchwood
Without giving too much away this story as a real sting in the tale, and I for one was quite astounded at how this story, that was so easily bounding [...]
2.3 Torchwood Ghost Mission
  I have been a bit harsh in my reviews of Torchwood from Big Finish, I feel they have lapsed from promising, and creative to mediocre and dull. There [...]
2.1 Torchwood Zone 10
A mysterious signal that is broadcast high above earth is finally cracked by Sato, so its a trip to Siberia for our Torchwood agent. The answers are in [...]