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228 The Blood Furnace Main Release 7th Doctor Release
A rather cracking story from Eddie Robson here, showcasing the talents of McCoy, Langford and Aldred as the main actors in the cast. We see the Doctor and [...]
226. Shadow Planet / World Apart Main Range
Once again we venture into the realms of two part story telling with Big Finish 226th release in the main range, this time with Doctor number 7 doing the [...]
Zaltys – 223 Main Range 5th Dr Adventure
Well, well, well, 5th Doctor, a play on classic fairy tales, and myth and legend all come into play here. There is also a tip of the hat to some classic [...]
222. The Contingency Club review                                    
220 Quicksilver 6th Dr Adventure Main Range Release
Ok, two releases in one month, well it is Christmas, well at least it’s Christmas when these titles where released. Both share the same Dr, 1 [...]
219 Absolute Power 6th Doctor Adventure Main Range
We are rounding the year off, with some good old number 6 stories, in the main range, the first to get air time on the ear drums is Absolute Power, with [...]
218. 6th Doctor Adventure Order of the Daleks
Old N0.6 and his new companion Mrs. Constance Clarke land on a level 3 planet, only to run into the Census, a policing body, whom, it is the sole purpose [...]
217 5th Dr Adventure The Memory Bank and Other Stories
The Memory Bank by Chris Chapman   Turlough and Doctor number 5 grace your eardrums for the main release range audio Who this month, and, instead of [...]
216 The Maker of Demons
Maker of Demons is a good quality Who story, with some fine performances, and also I think is an excellent example of how well Big Finish handle the Who [...]
215. Fiesta of the Damned
Fiesta of the Damned takes us on a rather splendid journey with Doctor 7, and we have the added benefit of him being aboard his Tardis and journey with [...]