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Classic Doctors, New Monsters Volume 02
Night of the Vashta Nerada by John Dorney We start this second installment of the Old Doctors versus the new monsters with a cracking opener, we have Tom [...]
Philip Hinchcliffe Presents: The Helm of Awe
A cracking release from the Hinchcliffe Presents range, so gladly welcomed by myself, who is a unashamedly a massive Baker fan. In fact whilst listening to [...]
The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 02
2.1 – The Transcendence of Ephros – Guy Adams  There is a real mash of third doctor stories, that flowed through my head when listening to this [...]
2. UNIT Shutdown
2.1 Power Cell by Matt Fitton Introducing stage left the Tengobushi, a sort of alien race who marry spiritual with science to be a whole new type of hell [...]
Second Doctor Boxed Set 1
10.1 The Mouthless Dead by John Pritchard Ok I must admit to hearing this a little earlier than the rest of the box set, and it excited my molecules as [...]
Doctor Who: The Two Masters
Before we start I have introduced this warning, there are spoilers below so be aware before you read the review           [...]
U.N.I.T Original Series 1-4 The Wasting Review
  Timescales review click here. To purchase this title click on the image below priced at £5.00 for digital and CD product. Overal Rating:    [...]
U.N.I.T Original Series 1-3 The Longest Night
3rd outing for the Big Finish take on U.N.I.T I must admit I didn’t enjoy this one as much, it is definitely moving further away from Who and more [...]
U.N.I.T Original Series 1-1 Time Heals
First proper release from Big Finish of the dedicated U.N.I.T spin off series. The initial taster release with Nicholas Courtney is a mouth moistener to [...]
U.N.I.T Original Series 1-2 Snake Head
This is actually a cracking story, but with the casual mention of Dr John Smith, there is very little to be taken from this other than the title, this is [...]