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225. Vortex Ice / Cortex Fire
A Colin Baker story well actually it’s 2 stories, as we are once again treated by Big Finish to a two part release in the main range. Which is the [...]
222. The Contingency Club review                                    
220 Quicksilver 6th Dr Adventure Main Range Release
Ok, two releases in one month, well it is Christmas, well at least it’s Christmas when these titles where released. Both share the same Dr, 1 [...]
219 Absolute Power 6th Doctor Adventure Main Range
We are rounding the year off, with some good old number 6 stories, in the main range, the first to get air time on the ear drums is Absolute Power, with [...]
218. 6th Doctor Adventure Order of the Daleks
Old N0.6 and his new companion Mrs. Constance Clarke land on a level 3 planet, only to run into the Census, a policing body, whom, it is the sole purpose [...]
Classic Doctors, New Monsters Volume 01
1.1 Fallen Angels by Phil Mulryne Ok this on paper should not work, after all the whole premises of audio drama is that the audio paints the picture in the [...]
6th Doctor Adventure Vampire of the Mind Main Release 212
This is a cracking 6th Doctor adventure, I actually rate this one slightly better over the last Master adventure from the previous months outing with Peter [...]
Jago & Litefoot Series 11
1. Jago and Son by Nigel Fairs The idea that at some point in his past there has been a dalliance by Henry Jago, is either very endearing or a something [...]
6th Dr Adventure Shield of the Jötunn Release 206
It seems an age since I last listened to a Dr Who Release, that wasn’t a special, or a new range boxed set, or some other wonderment from the people [...]
6th Dr Adventure Planet of Rani Release 204
Old No.6 and his new companion Mrs Clarke are together in this their first full Main Range outing. Thrust into what should be a run of the mill prison [...]