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Classic Doctors, New Monsters Volume 02
Night of the Vashta Nerada by John Dorney We start this second installment of the Old Doctors versus the new monsters with a cracking opener, we have Tom [...]
Main Release 224 Alien Heart / Dalek Soul 5th Dr Adventure
Alien Heart – Stephen Cole Alien Heart, is our first of a two part fifth Doctor adventure from the Big Finish Main Range. It sees Nyssa as the companion of [...]
Zaltys – 223 Main Range 5th Dr Adventure
Well, well, well, 5th Doctor, a play on classic fairy tales, and myth and legend all come into play here. There is also a tip of the hat to some classic [...]
221. The Star Men
5th Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and Adric head to Gallius Ultima, so that Adric can brush up on his TARDIS navigation skills, so he can gain better training. [...]
11. Cold Fusion
The best way I can describe these penultimate releases of the missing adventure novels, quite simply, is think of them as a rather scrumptious trifle. [...]
217 5th Dr Adventure The Memory Bank and Other Stories
The Memory Bank by Chris Chapman   Turlough and Doctor number 5 grace your eardrums for the main release range audio Who this month, and, instead of [...]
Classic Doctors, New Monsters Volume 01
1.1 Fallen Angels by Phil Mulryne Ok this on paper should not work, after all the whole premises of audio drama is that the audio paints the picture in the [...]
The Monkey House – Short Trips
Thrandahar are an alien race I have searched the internet and cannot find a trace, I will stand corrected, but I get the feeling that they must have [...]
5th Doctor Adventure And You Will Obey Me Main Release 211
I am a little contrived over this release, from either absolutely loving it, and the wonderful Geoffrey Beevers, as the Master, no spoilers here, it is on [...]
5th Doctor Adventure The Peterloo Massacre Main Release 210
I am going to be controversial now, this story is written and performed very much away from it being true science fiction. For one thing, the whole story [...]