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6.05. The Haunting of Malkin Place
Off we go again, with Tom and Lalla, in the Fourth Doctor series 6. What is more we have a one of the most favorite Doctors, and a ghost story, and a ghost [...]
Philip Hinchcliffe Presents: The Helm of Awe
A cracking release from the Hinchcliffe Presents range, so gladly welcomed by myself, who is a unashamedly a massive Baker fan. In fact whilst listening to [...]
6.04. Dethras
Deathras, not a planet or an evil leader of some sort of quasi veiled neo Nazi style aka Darth Vader-esque, Dethras is a brilliant if mislead and misguided [...]
6.03 The Silent Scream
Release three of series 6 of Tom’s outings from Big Finish, see us on a common, regular story ground, with the Doctor and Romana and K9 paying a [...]
6.02. The Eternal Battle
You can never go wrong with Tom, K9 and Lalla, and this is no exception or about to break that rule. We have also the wondrous Sontaron’s here, with, [...]
6.01. The Beast of Kravenos
A real treat, as this adventure is set at the same period of time as we first met the wonderful pairing of Jago and Litefoot on our screens, all those [...]
5. Sound The Siren And I’ll Come To You Comrade
A short and gripping story in the ever popular short stories series from Big Finish, this time Steve Critchlow, provides us with a superb characterisation [...]
5.07. The Pursuit of History
Another month as come and gone, and here we are with another brand new 4th Doctor adventure. We have the pairing of the No.4 with Lalla incarnation of [...]
5.06 The Trouble with Drax
Tom Baker will be, always the Doctor, his deep bass tones, rising to the high sarcastic nuance, to indicate some rather obvious gag or joke, always makes [...]
5.05 Gallery of Ghouls Fourth Doctor Adventure
The 58th most favourite thing for the 4th Doctor is a Waxworks, well according to the dulcet tones of Tom Baker, playing the 4th Doctor in this instalment. [...]
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