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Second Doctor Boxed Set 1
10.1 The Mouthless Dead by John Pritchard Ok I must admit to hearing this a little earlier than the rest of the box set, and it excited my molecules as [...]
6.06 Lost and Found – Doctor Who Short Stories
An adventure with Polly, Ben and the second Doctor. A story about post war Britain, where we are still having food rationed, and people, make do and [...]
2.4. The Isos Network
To be honest this episode was like an ear worm, I just could not get into the second part of the story, it took me half a dozen replays to get myself into [...]
Companion Chronicles 4-08 Emperor of Eternity
Frazier and Deborah treat us to a narrated/acted characterisation of a second Doctor story. The story tells the tale of a corrupt Chinese emperor, intrigue [...]
5.02. Little Doctors
Timescales The adventure is just over 30 minutes, makes ideal listening to if you are going for a stroll with the dog, or walk or jog around the [...]
2.3 The Black Hole
It took me a massive three weeks of listening to get through this, that is no reflection on the production, acting or indeed any of the story content, it [...]
2.2 The Forsaken
The Doctor, and his companions land on a island off the coast of Singapore, slap bang in the middle of the second world war. A BANG we are straight in the [...]
2.1. The Yes Men
The Doctor arrives in New Houston, to visit and old friend, when they open the TARDIS doors and walk out, they are greeted with a magnificent modern city, [...]
Companion Chronicles 3-9 Resistance
Others who have listened to this have posted their reviews on the web site. Click here to read more. To purchase this title click on the [...]
Companion Chronicles Helicon Prime CC-2.2
Coming at this from the perspective of not listening or watching a massive amount of the second Dr, it was interesting for me as a Troughton virgin how I [...]