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7.08 The British Invasion Short Trips
The Short Trips since the guidance and management of Ian Aitkens have grown in my opinion over their releases to be something really worth checking out. In [...]
4.1 Early Adventures – The Night Witches
Second Doctor adventure with Ben, Polly and of course Jamie, as Frazer both doubles for the voices of his own character of Jamie and the Doctor. This story [...]
Second Doctor Boxed Set 1
10.1 The Mouthless Dead by John Pritchard Ok I must admit to hearing this a little earlier than the rest of the box set, and it excited my molecules as [...]
6.06 Lost and Found – Doctor Who Short Stories
An adventure with Polly, Ben and the second Doctor. A story about post war Britain, where we are still having food rationed, and people, make do and [...]
2.4. The Isos Network
To be honest this episode was like an ear worm, I just could not get into the second part of the story, it took me half a dozen replays to get myself into [...]
Companion Chronicles 4-08 Emperor of Eternity
Frazier and Deborah treat us to a narrated/acted characterisation of a second Doctor story. The story tells the tale of a corrupt Chinese emperor, intrigue [...]
5.02. Little Doctors
Timescales The adventure is just over 30 minutes, makes ideal listening to if you are going for a stroll with the dog, or walk or jog around the [...]
2.3 The Black Hole
It took me a massive three weeks of listening to get through this, that is no reflection on the production, acting or indeed any of the story content, it [...]
2.2 The Forsaken
The Doctor, and his companions land on a island off the coast of Singapore, slap bang in the middle of the second world war. A BANG we are straight in the [...]
2.1. The Yes Men
The Doctor arrives in New Houston, to visit and old friend, when they open the TARDIS doors and walk out, they are greeted with a magnificent modern city, [...]