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7.05 Falling
This story by Jonathan Barnes, is functionally a Who story, but, in truth it is a really a story about life, and growing old, and of how we recall our past [...]
The First Doctor Volume 2
1. Fields of Terror by John Pritchard Simply put this is not venturing too far away from the original incarnation on the good old BBC B&W initial [...]
3.4. The Sontarans
Off we go again with Peter Purves and Jean Marsh in a First Doctor adventure, and on reflection, a rather good one it is too. I really enjoyed this for two [...]
3.3 The Ravelli Conspiracy
We are both utilising the tried and tested along with the most comfortable era of 1st Doctor stories, where we pit the Doctor against not a extra [...]
3.2. The Fifth Traveller
This is a quite a clever story, We have the wonderful as always William Russell taking on the parts of the Doctor and of Ian, with his rather well define [...]
3.1. The Age of Endurance
A monumental release, one of depth and high quality of story. Excellent period feel throughout, with the wonderful characterisation of William [...]
8.10 The War to End All Wars
Well this is the last Companion Chronicles according to the extras at the end of this rather excellent release, this time Guerrier takes the CC release for [...]
6.05 This Sporting Life
There is nothing better than a real parallel to be sort within a popular fiction. It makes a parable that much more poignant and relevant. The story here [...]
8.08 The Sleeping City Companion Chronicles
William Russell plays this well, it is a neat little story, it has a theme that has been used before, the idea of dreaming can be used for many things [...]
8.09 Starborn
A quality story, also showing off the acting talents of Carole-Ann to the full. The story is simple, but that does not mean it lacks any quality, in fact [...]