Companion Chronicles Mother Russia CC-2.1

12/09/2014 - Companion Chronicles, Dr Who Stuff
Companion Chronicles Mother Russia CC-2.1
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I am a Peter Purvis virgin, yes I happy to admit I have not had chance to catch any of the previous work with the Peter and the Doctor. My reference for Peter is actually Blue Peter,  a BBC Children Entertainment show exceptionally popular on the BBC in the 70’s, 80’s and I believe in the 90’s.  However lets forget that. And concentrate on what we have here. Peter bearing in mind I have not witnessed any of his acting ability, performs, well superbly. In fact the manner in which he portrays the parts whether they be him as his character of Space Pilot, or whether he is imitating the Dr, he really does nail it. Although not audibly a mimic he seems to covey the stuttering paused rhythm of Hartnell first incarnation with ease and grace. To that measure the whole peace is handled wonderfully well. It brings to life a potentially old historical Doctor Who romp that would have been shot in B&W into full glorious HD 4K colour, albeit thanks to the superb writing by Marc Platt.

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The story is very classic late 1st Dr, historic putting the Dr, Dodo, and Peter’s character Steven Taylor – Space Pilot into the depths of Mother Russia, circa 1812 with impending French invasion by Napoleon himself looming on the horizon, however the impact of a invasion by the little general is somewhat side stepped when an alien with shapeshifting abilities decides to basically mimic everyone from The Doctor to Napoleon himself in order to get in the way of this. Superbly acted and to say that I listened and then checked my library to see that this was not a existing episode that had been made for TV but lost, I can only say one thing. Well done Big Finish, bloody fantastic.

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You can purchase this title from the Big Finish web site by clicking on the image below. Priced at £8.99 on CD and £7.99 on digital download.

1st Doctor visit Russia in 1812

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