The Diary of River Song Volume 4

14/11/2018 - Nu Who, Posts, River Song
The Diary of River Song Volume 4
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Is it really volume 4 of the River Song Box sets, it certainly is, and this time we are gearing up. I think overall having of course listened to all four of these tremendous stories I am starting to see the appeal, yes, I admit that even I at one point was not the biggest fan of the spin off character from the New World of Doctor Who. I especially didn’t get the “wife” part. I can see however that my preconceptions have to be set aside, and, like many things if life if you allow yourself to let the whole thing wash over you as a process it starts to make a lot more sense to everyone about River Song, and her place in the whole big Who Universe. The first of the four part related stories set the scene and the tone somewhat to the proceeding instalments, all of which are of a excellent and as ever, incredibly high standard of production, and performance values. It is not hard when you have Kingston in tow as the main character, and then pair this with a collection of some fine equally competent thespians. Time in a Bottle, is where River is recruited by Prof Jemma Still who has discovered a signal from somewhere is ought not to be. However what they encounter is hell in it self and they unleash the Discordia upon very time itself. A sort of don’t give a crap about the rules of time, and in fact use them to their own end to make themselves the all powerful. You can imagine that this is not going to be a your standard enemy, and, dealing with them is going to take a lot more than River’s talents, as the following episodes explore. Full of opening excitement and intrigues story hooks, this, certainly gets the mind thinking about what we have in store. We quickly move onto King of Infinite Space, where we start to learn more about this new enemy, and of course it is not good. River and her companions try and evade capture, torture from the Discordia in order to work out how they can send this evil back to where it came from. The issue is when your enemy can bend time, and use it to their advantage it is hard. The story is novel in that it does not compromise in the use of total amban dement of the given for this type of thing, the creation of this enemy is genius in my opinion. I could really see these guys take on one of the Doctors, or even a cross over mash up. The genuine devious control and complete disregard is both worrying and also refreshing, this is not going to be an easy fight that was apparent from episode one, now it’s starting to look unsurmountable. I did enjoy the idea of a cybernetic River Sony trying to throw the whole thing, only for it to bite her in the arse, very clever story telling here folks. With no break in the momentum of the Discordia and their ability to seemingly stroll through time and do exactly what they want, we are also in a place where the time lords don’t exist. Wow this just gets more and more intelligent in its plot. Whodunnit takes us through and continues the story line with what I would call a interval break, although very much stapled to the main theme, it gives a break in the proceedings with a sort of sub story and makes for a climatic conclusion to the release in the shape of, Someone I once loved, is what I was not expecting but it is fantastic, we see the 4th Doctor and River Song in a sort of time mix up timey whimey story that explores the relationship that isn’t, that could be and was. It is true craziness WHO at it’s best. The idea as well that love wins out is a nice, albeit twee idea, that works here, given the story content. River Song Volume 4 is a establishing the defacto for this range, and it is clear to see that the development and potential for Big Finish to push this is Nu Who is excellent. I can only look forward to Volume 5 which I wait for with baited breath.

Written By: Emma Reeves, Matt Fitton, Donald McLeary, John Dorney
Directed By: Ken Bentley
Cast: Alex Kingston (River Song), Tom Baker (The Doctor), Adele Lynch (Gammarae), Fenella Woolgar (Professor Jemima Still / Formidian Queen),
Josh Bolt (Spod), George Asprey (Melak), Nicholas Asbury (Dante), Ewan Bailey (Human / Alien / Robot Voices), Tim Bentinck (Franz Kafka / Samsa),
Alex Tregear (Miss Vermillion / Vermillion), Christopher Naylor (Lord Simon Whist / Captain Bartholomew / Discordia Underling),
Shvorne Marks (Cissy / Thelma Sketch), Nigel Anthony (Rakkezar / Drayl), Nathalie Buscombe (Garen / Galerayna).
Other parts played by members of the cast.
Producer: David Richardson
Script Editors: Matt Fitton, John Dorney
Executive Producers: Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs
Sound Design:Howard Carter
Music: Howard Carter
Cover Art: Tom Webster
Number of Discs:5
Duration: 300′ approx
Physical Retail ISBN: 978-1-78703-503-4
Digital Retail ISBN: 978-1-78703-504-1
Production Code: BFPDWRIVER04
Recorded Dates: 9th October 2017, 12th March 2018
Recorded At: Audio Sorcery, Moat Studios
Product Format: 5-disc CD (slipcover box set)