8.07 The Darkened Earth Short Trips

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8.07 The Darkened Earth Short Trips
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The short stories range of Big Finish output over the years as simply come on leaps and bounds, the quality of the writing, the diversity and above all else the story telling. There have been some what I consider absolute stunner’s, that should have been commissioned for longer full length output, but the format, the price and the marketing of these is clever. After all if you produce a product this good at such a incredibly affordable price, you have a hook that will catch many a new customer, and perhaps even sway an existing one. They are the perfect sound bite to a quick listen on a commute, the way to work, or simply to unwind before going to sleep. The thing with these stories is they are in effect the almost perfect length of concentration in one sitting, they are more than a¬†amuse-bouche, they are somewhere between a decent bowl of home made soup and chunk of crusty bread on a cold winter’s day, and a rather elegant piece of grilled fish with lemon. They are just audio quality. This simply one of those stories that makes you realise the quality of writing and acting is paramount to BF. Miranda Raison plays Constance with such delicate and sincerity, it is hard not to be taken in and really live the story with her, this being set in her time line makes it more prominent the use of the imagery of the alien being all consuming of energy is a rare analogy of the futility of war in the main. But the stand out for me his her acting ability, simply stunning. We get to actually understand her struggle of her despair and fear of what the war meant to her, and also how her perception is altered slightly by the fact that she is seeing if from the eyes of the enemy, truly fascinating stuff. This for me as been one of most powerful and poignant stories I have listened too in a very long time. Simply stunning.


Written By: John Pritchard

Miranda Raison (Narrator)

Director: Lisa Bowerman
Sound Design: David Roocroft
Music: David Roocroft
Cover Art: Anthony Lamb
Duration: 35′ approx
Digital Retail ISBN: 978-1-78703-001-5
Production Code: BFMSTDL44
Recorded Dates: 27th March 2017
Recorded At: The Soundhouse Studios
Product Format: 0-download only