The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles

08/10/2018 - Box Sets Special Release, Dr Who Stuff, Nu Who
The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles
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The Calendar Man by AK Benedict, kicks off the next boxed set of goodies from Jake Dudman, a man with some rather wonderfully amazing talents, especially when it comes to performing our much-loved time lord. Jake is not a mimic, that would be giving him a great dis-service of his talent, he is first an actor, and a brilliant one at that with the ability to portray to you the listener the belief that you are actually listening to Doctor No. 11. There is not a missed heartbeat here, quite easily this for all intense and purposes is Matt Smith, the way that he draws in breath, the phrasing the entire performance down to the complete portrayal of emotion that Matt put across on the screen, is here for you to enjoy in quite simply four splendid, well written and ridiculously performed drama’s. I use that term other than science fiction as, I think that this proves me right once again. Big Finish can and seem to make better Who than the BBC, whether it is that they have more love, better relationships, no agenda of commercial shackles that I am sure would make the ghost of Marley feel encumbered then I really cannot say. All I know is that this here is a well-rounded and perfect storm of 11th Doctor fun and games. The fact as well that they have managed to inject established villain/11th doctor cohorts in the shape of Dorium Maldovar is also a authenticity that makes these a simple joy to listen too. The Top of the Tree by Simon Guerrier, is second out of the blocks and Simon as took a side wise take on sci-fi, we are not fighting anyone outright, we are not even trying to save a planet as such, but we are trying to gain control of the wondrous way in which he has used audio in a way that would be highly costly or downright difficult in visual format, the use of jungle trees as a maze of life, escape and adventure is very novel, and truly inspired. The third story The Light Keepers by Roy Gill, takes us back with the Doctor to meet an old friend, only for us to find that those that Dorium Maldovar detests are actually doing him more of a favor than he thinks, and the old adage of judging people to quickly is certainly the main thrust of this story. This one had me imagining what further and future adventures that Big Finish could get up to with Dorium Maldovar, it does make he mind boggle. Finally we bow out with. False Coronets by Alice Cavender, This is a historic romp, and has all the hallmarks I find of a modern telling of Who, it is in the guise in part of “The Women Who Lived” from Calpadi regin on the screen, and Minuet in Hell, from Big Finish, it is Gothic, it has that lets play with the timelines of history, and what if, and it is wonderfully told and acted it  is another tour De-force of a curtain closer on this box set. I am sure that Big Finish are not stupid and will have Jake lined up for more releases, he is a talent that truly they have tapped into, and with the accompanying excellent writing they are destined for some excellent times ahead.

Written By: AK Benedict, Simon Guerrier, Roy Gill, Alice Cavender
Directed By:Helen Goldwyn
Cast:Jacob Dudman (Narrator / The Doctor), Eleanor Crooks (Olivia), Danny Horn (Kazran Sardick), Simon Fisher-Becker (Dorium Maldovar), Nathalie Buscombe (Jane Austen). Other parts played by Jacob Dudman.
Producer:Scott Handcock
Script Editor:Matt Fitton
Executive Producers:Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs
Sound Design:Richard Fox & Lauren Yason
Music:Ioan Morris
Cover Art:Tom Webster
Number of Discs:4
Duration:240′ mins approx
Physical Retail ISBN:978-1-78703-227-9
Digital Retail ISBN:978-1-78703-228-6
Production Code: BFP11THCCD01
Recorded Dates:17th August, 17th October 2017, 27th April, 2nd May 2018
Recorded At:The Moat Studios
Product Format:4-disc CD (jewel case)