Torchwood – Deadbeat Escape

18/09/2018 - Torchwood
Torchwood – Deadbeat Escape
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The only thing I can say about this rather glorious piece of science fiction / horror story is that should have been delayed in it’s release until Halloween. That said if Big Finish are confident enough to put this out in sunny August/September then all I can draw from this is that they must have something really good lined up. Murray Melvin is so perfect for this part it literally would not have worked with anyone else. His portrayal of the character Billis Manager. The rather strange, odd often creepy person is absolutely simple. Melvin is a character actor of some repute and is one of those actors that we have all seen, heard before and has a presence where he actually owns the moment he is acting in. A very powerful tool for someone in his profession. The writing here by James Goss is again wonderfully lyrical, you will if you listen to this release understand that the theme of time which is heavily leaned upon shows up in many simile’s here, rain storms, time running out etc, etc. The thing once again like the earlier Torchwood release of Instant Karma as certainly got me as a listener once again me eager to listen to and consume more of these wonderful range stories.

Written By:James Goss
Directed By:Scott Handcock
Cast:Murray Melvin (Billis Manger), Gareth Pierce (Hywel Roberts), Cara Chase (Grace). Other parts played by members of the cast.
Producer:James Goss
Script Editor:David Llewellyn
Executive Producers:Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Sound Design:Richard Fox & Lauren Yason
Music:Blair Mowat
Cover Art:Lee Binding
Number of Discs:1
Duration:60′ mins approx
Physical Retail ISBN:978-1-78703-471-6
Digital Retail ISBN:978-1-78703-472-3
Production Code:BFPTWCD24
Recorded Dates:12th September 2017
Recorded At:The Moat Studios
Product Format:1-disc CD (jewel case)