Flight To Hull Short Trips Season 8 Episode 8

02/09/2018 - Dr Who Short Trips, Posts, Short Trips
Flight To Hull Short Trips Season 8 Episode 8

Camille Coduri I have to admit, I have always had a soft spot for. She is an actress that I think has largely been over looked, she is versatile in the respect that I recall seeing her in both comedy and dramatic roles, and as always been exceptional in both. Her casting in Torchwood as for somewhat I feel placed her into that love or loathe it category of she now a definitive Whovian actor. Playing the part of the much maligned Rose Tyler’s mother in the re-launch Dr on TV, she established herself I think almost immediately. It after all cannot be easy for any parent when you daughter is off gallivanting across the universes with a man whom has an habit of changing his appearance is always going to play on your mind and cause you endless worry.

The great thing with this release is that Camille as the vehicle to perform a single piece of her own, wonderfully written by the Torchwood master himself Joseph Lidster, who, after all, his credentials are without question when it comes to writing for the ever venerable Who spin off. In fact it is odd as I personally view Torchwood as almost it’s own separate entity to the main Dr Who output. Lidster here as taken the material and made it feel like Nu Who, without any question, where as there is a feel with other Short Stories releases that are squarely aimed at the older and classic era, this feels like Tennant tenure. The story is Camille pouring her woes and worries out to her friend, it as a wonderful rhythm to it, and Camille punctuates the story with her characterisation of Jackie and her worries, with a cheeky drink of Pinot, and various commonalities that proliferate the piece.

This is not so much a Short Story as a short drama, that could easily find itself being broadcast on Radio 4 (extra) it works whether this were a Who story or not, and that for me proves it’s providence at being one of the best compliments.

Tenth Doctor fun as told by Jackie Tyler


















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