Trap For Fools – Short Trips Series 8 Release 5

31/08/2018 - Dr Who Stuff, Posts, Short Trips
Trap For Fools – Short Trips Series 8 Release 5

Mark Strickson, was the actor who played Turlough in the TV incarnation of Doctor Who. Turlough, was to the best of my knowledge a ground breaking Who companion as he was the first member of the Tardis, who, was ginger haired, alien, and to some extent, seemed more alien than most, even those enemies of the Doctor, and yet maintained the qualities of the upper form, public school boy that he portrayed so very, very well. Mark’s foray into Who after the TV as been spasmodic at most with Big Finish, and I often wonder if he is comfortable with performing as the character after all these years. It is certainly a element that I think a lot of actors would not care to carry around, that dreaded word “typecast” springs to mind, and judging by the quick and cursory glance at IMDB in respect of Mark’s post Who work it seems that a move to Australia and a degree in Zoology, as pushed Mark in to a new career of documentary film maker. I wish Mark well as a fellow Midland’s born individual. There is one thing, that remains tantamount about Mark though is he is a trained actor, and he also a quality actor to boot. His command as the single voice in this small and entertaining drama, are, for always a superb example of the craft, to convey, and hold your audience on your own, by telling a story is one of the oldest and most treasured forms of entertainment. This is most evident here. Turlough and the Doctor, plying their trade if you will, doing battle against the odds with those that would want to undermine the existence of future, purely for self gain, are once again tested, and neither found wanting. It is also refreshing to hear Mark’s tones as he tells the story, of him being cast into a boarding school to do battle with an alien species of some note. Rather a pleasant way to while away half hour or so.

Turlough and Doctor No.5 in an adventure with the Entitlement


















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