Red Planets 7th Doctor Main Range Release #241

05/10/2018 - Dr Who Stuff, Main Range, Posts
Red Planets 7th Doctor Main Range Release #241

I sat in my car, as this latest main range episode kicked into life. I cannot recall listening to a previous Big Finish episode written by Una McCormack, so I didn’t have a feel for what this was going to be like. To be honest, I had to on several occasions go back to the start of Parts 1 and 2, not because they are bad, for me they didn’t take in my head. I simply couldn’t find that beat, the rhythm that you get from a Big Finish release, that normally just kicks in. Not since I had what I describe as the difficult listen of the 8th Doctor alt universe episodes have I had this sort of perceived issue. However, that was my mistake. You see simply put Una as actually written in a rather different style. There is a protraction and disassembled times lines going here throughout, and, although separated by that chronological matter, they are intrinsically linked to each other so that they work. Once I got over myself and got into listening properly to Red Planets, I soon found it ultra absorbing. There is a lot of this story that sort of unfolds to re-fold on itself. There are timely reminders I think that Doctor Who, is a science fiction drama whose main carry is that of time, and the ability to move in it freely.

Red Planets takes a alternative approach to what could of, or would of happened at the turn of the cold war, and the wall going up. It is one of those Harris style takes on history, painted against the back drop of the reality and then twist it a bit more left of centre than merely what if the east had won. We are not even in the realms of if this. For that Red Planet displays a rather intelligent, and well thought out plot that will hold you until the last sentence.

It was also a joy to hear the tones of Bonnie, and Sophie along with Sylvester in this release, it was shame that they did not spend much of it together, but there is always a next time.

Thoroughly good Main Release romp and it made for a pleasant longer listen than anticipated.

Upside down time lines and cold war antics in this main release


















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