240. Main Range – Hour of the Cybermen

20/07/2018 - Dr Who Stuff, Main Range, Posts
240. Main Range – Hour of the Cybermen
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Now and again, not often, things all line up, and you get near enough perfection. I am happy to report that what Big Finish have done here is match one of the best Cybermen stories, with a director whom adored them and therefore will always do there best to get the most out it, and then you have Colin Baker on top form surrounded by CyberMan himself David Banks, and if that was not enough we also have┬áMark Hardy. This is a wonderful roll in nostalgia, it is turned up to the maximum. We have a little bit of story hang over from the previous release in the Main Range, but that is not a issue, and this release just stands out as a wonderful and fulfilling release. The one thing about this story is the ease of which it is to follow the action without that nagging need as is sometimes the case with releases of the need to rewind a review. The mark of a quality story is that ability to just start listening and whether it’s in one sitting or in multiple each time you dip in you are straight back there with the action. As for listening to this in one go, then I would imagine most once they start with this story will probably do so. It is simply that good.

Hour of the Cybermen is not what I consider a slow burner, it seems to take us through the narrative very quickly and this is down I think to Jamie Anderson very distinct direction, for which, he is seems to have really encapsulated the feeling, I get the impression personally that this story is also set in the current time frame, that is to say that it is not set too far into the original No.6 run. It is also interesting that we have a no companion story. Colin is on his own and it also makes for his ability to really act, sometimes, the companion can I think overshadow the Doctor and the story feels as though it’s driven by everyone other than the Doctor, and after all this is Doctor Who. However what makes this a little bit more a vehicle for Colin. There are some Big Finish regulars in here as well Blake Edwards is fast becoming a go to guy when it comes to having a reliable and quite superb foil for the Doctor. I would like to see Big Finish use him more, he certainly has the capabilities of a bigger more extended role within the ranges, he really sort of owns the sound stage.

I cannot fault this release, it is simply one of the best in a while that for me has everything I love about Who, and even more I love about Big Finish, and audio drama in general. Quite simply put this is one of those stories that I can foresee myself going back to and having a re-listen to time and time again.

Well done all here, superb bit of science fiction


No.6,Cybermen what more could you want


















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