Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter Volume 1

14/07/2018 - Jenny, Nu Who
Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter Volume 1
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Jenny the bio created off spring of the Doctor, is now part of the Big Finish family, and in her initial release with four entertaining stories. Of course we have to comment on the fact that we are in Who royalty, as Georgia is the daughter of Peter Davidson (Dr Who No.5) and the wife of David Tennant (Dr Who No. 10). So we are in sort of Who dynasty style world. Interesting Georgia is also credited with having production responsibilities. So what have Big Finish done with potentially a rather excellent range that could be another classic in their arsenal of high class Who spin off.

The four stories that are presented here are rather good, written for the characters at least that is the way they sound, much more written by a rather overly good cast of scribes in the shape of Matt Fitton, John Dorney, Christian Brassington, Adrian Poynton. You already know that this is going to be well above the normal standards.

We kick off with a introduction story, where the seeds of a thread are laid for the remaining three stories, nice one. Stolen Goods, introduces Jenny, and she encounters what can only be called a rather unpleasant scam artist, who tries to take her for a ride, by claiming that she has damaged his space craft, seeking a claim, Jenny quickly sees through the farces as a con job, and, certainly puts her potential scam artists in their place, however, doing so she uncovers a space craft that has become the “property” of these low lifes and a person by the name of Noah, nothing is going to be the same again. Lovely opening story, plenty to keep the fan gripped and interested here, and a story that zips through like a flash, introductions over, and we are straight into the action and the story. Good opener, great that it grabs the attention wanting to listen to what we have in store for story number 2

Prisoner of the Ood, well without giving too much away, as I would strongly recommend that this is something that you listen too, Jenny and her new side kick Noah are now on the run of sorts from a rather unpleasant bounty hunter. They arrive on Earth however, it soon is apparent that this is a façade for something more sinister in the shape of the escaped prisoner is trying to pass themselves off in suburbia. The Ood whom are the appointed custodians of said prisoner are also hot on the trail, Jenny and Noah are entrenched in a rather tug of war experience that will as you can tell from the off become part of if they are not careful. Of course there is a outcome that maybe we are not expecting but once again this episode does what it is meant to do and cements the story, and moves it along making you the listener just that bit more intrigued with the characters and now the question has to be Who is Noah? is he a good guy or a bad one.

Neon Reign before we even discuss as that Blade Runner esque thing going on with it, mainly because it has that dystopia futuristic, neon lights, pouring rain no hope, people working for no reason almost give up and curl up approach. With an overlord in the shape of the Dragon Lord who has descended and took over the rule of Kamshassa, and the impoverished. Men are enslaved with a drug that none of them can give up, and, the women folk go out to work 7 days a week, just so that they can buy this drug, the world is black, dismal with little to no hope of a change and that is the way it has and appear to always be. Then enter Jenny and Noah and suddenly you just know that there is going to be a revolution, there is going to be a change of guard, and Jenny is dam sure that this is going to happen now. Wow, the story as moved on and what is more there is more interest in your mind now about this pair. Jenny is displaying all the qualities of a time lord and all the ways and means of her relation. She is both inquisitive beyond belief and also has a driven need to put things right, what ever the cost. However Noah once again forms part of the story arc, and you start to think what is Noah and is there more too him, the third story leaves you thinking about building to a storm, excellent writing and acting here folks, and this story proves that Big Finish have a real winner in the hands of Jenny.

Our final outing in the inaugural release sees us get some answers at least a bounty hunter that has been on their trails from the start (see there are lots of things in here that you need to listen to, and I have not given them away). Is closing in, so Jenny and Noah decide to go the very fringe of space to place where there is nothing surely there they will escape the autonomous pursuer, alas, they are not to be so lucky and what they soon discover is not only is the space station rather odd, but Noah as a sort of link to it, that goes far beyond what you would expect. The final of these stories does not fail to deliver and it proves once again how steady a hand that Big Finish have when it comes to telling a story. I think that this range as a lot of legs, and will run and run. It has for me all the key ingredients and this may be a controversial thing, but with the demise of Jago and Litefoot in the catalogue, a Who related drama to fill it with equal and also move the whole thing along was needed, and I think for me that Jenny as filled that with a aplomb. I look forward very much to Jenny Volume 2.

One minor explanation of my marks on this, I think that it is without question an excellent drama, but there are areas and these are ridiculous small observations that the stories are superb, there is nothing that is perfect and this is a classic example I think over time this range if allowed to will become a stalwart so for that matter alone sorry folks @bigfinish, you nailed it but I want more, and I know you can deliver more so come on Volume 2 when is that going to be…


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