Star Cops Volume 1

25/06/2018 - Box Sets Special Release, Star Cops
Star Cops Volume 1
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Big Finish yet again take a cult TV series that in truth as long been forgotten by the masses and waved it’s magic wand of re-imaging over it, enough of their special something that allows us to relive and to re-discover a long lost gem. I have to admit that this TV series from the 1987 BBC Two schedules fell short of me watching, which in itself is odd as I would have been the target audience for this sort of thing. There were nine episodes made and a tenth written, although industrial action prevented it from being made. So this BBC created science fiction gem was lost to the archive although you can obtain this on DVD from the following link. however ironically this is not out of sock, did the Big Finish reboot incite the purchase of the last stocks of Networks output, will it get another re-release for us to wonder over the television version and for us to no doubt make the obvious conclusion that Big Finish have decidedly made a rather superior version of this cult classic. It is tantamount to the fact that I could only track down a preserved copy of Ebay for £48 or a person on Ebay knocking out reproduced copies for £10 quality to be confirmed. So is this series as good as it appears to be.

The first thing that you have to realise and understand is that this is not the cuddly, style science fiction for the younger adult that I actually thought it was going to be, it was actually harder hitting and effectively a full blown straight science fiction style story, a sort of fore runner of Expanse or these other much more higher intellectual drama driven style science fiction that we have to entertain us these days, there are elements of Blade Runner style elements, the sort of the British written low grade but high in dramatic quality that I for one adore. The thing is in audio this series as actually been massively upgraded as the stories that play out in your imagination are of a much higher grade than you could ever hope to bring to the screens in the late 80’s on UK TV.

Big Finish using a vast majority of the original cast, this has made this production first rate, standout in fact. It goes a little beyond being just a re-imagining it really develops and the stories have that ability to just suck you in and before long you are immersed in the world of Star Cops. It is actually slightly took me aback, I was not expecting what I heard and I was not expecting it to be as good as it was, it surpassed in every area. I think that Big Finish have yet again made a range that will have a great deal of appeal and I for one wonder how well this will sell, as it has a lot more to offer, than, you would think. I do however feel the need to do some back ground research and see what the original was like, or do I. That is the big question, I think that Big Finish once again have spoilt me, and given me a far better, version of Star Cops than perhaps the original. It for me is similar to The Avengers I adore the audio ones to the extent that they are in my opinion superior to the video ones. Star Cops is drama driven, the fact it is set in space is not important. So for me it makes the whole thing more realistic and believable, it has that slightly real grubby feel that life offers and not the shiny new that we have come to expect from a lot of this genre.

I most whole heartily recommend this release, and I await the second release which I hope will be soon. I mentioned earlier that I adore The Avengers from Big Finish and in some respects this has replaced that range for me. Superb 4 on the mark cracking stories that are of the highest quality of production, writing and acting.


Big Finish initial release of this cult classic from the 90’s makes its first outing for out eardrums


















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