18/05/2018 - Dr Who Stuff, Short Trips
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Another short story, this time with the Time Bureau and Narvin intervening in the proceedings, although much to his surprise when he gets to his destination for the potential removal of the entire Bellascon race, due to their “playing around” with time travel, and the fact they are breaking rules left right and center., he encounters none other than Doctor No.4. A little bit of the “tom-foolery” ensues (pun in-tended) with the Doctor making sure that he sorts this out, with no one being removed from time. In the inevitable manner in which No.4 would works he actually tricks poor Narvin into sorting his own issues out, and in the same time removing him from his ability to just get on and sort the whole mess out. Phew what a cracking storyline, and well told by Sean Carlsen, there is a twist in this tale, and it gives the whole story a darker tone, which is makes this I think more of a standout story than it was already. A cracking story which really gave you the feel of No.4 without Tom actually being there so in effect it was perfect.


Short Trip with the 4th Doctor era being used as the backdrop


















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