Turn Of The Screw

18/05/2018 - Dr Who Stuff, Posts, Short Trips
Turn Of The Screw
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A simple little story read rather wonderfully by Yee Jee Tso, giving it a much more cosmopolitan feel. with his American brogue making the most of the Eddie Robson story, of lost sonic screwdrivers and alien entities trying to nab it in order to open up pathways to allow them to enter the earth. It all sat together really well, and made for an entertaining 30 odd minutes of Dr Who story. I like the way that Robson as written a rather active and very informed drama here, coupled with some really good acting on Tso part, the story easily sort of oozes out of the headphones into your mind and paints the picture of the action. The reference points made of the VW Beetle performing like a Porsche especially made me chuckle. The description alone made it obvious that it was the 8th Doctor and the characterisation of the way in which he was narrating the descriptive elements for him again added to the overall feel of the story. Making it seem like a bigger story than 30 minutes.

Another little triumph in Ian Aitkens soon to end reign of producing these lite bites of entertainment. I only hope going forward that we continue the excellent and high grade that these have established themselves for.


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