Skayne 1

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Skayne 1
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I have not insight into this release, other than my now and again pursuing of the website where Nick pops his various out of the Big Finish world work. I must admit a bit fan of the writer so the coupling of Barnes and Briggs with Briggs also taking on the sound design and music intrigued me as to what product that he was putting out. Lets get one thing straight this is proof if needed that audio books, and audio products like drama and the like lend themselves readily to this almost homebrew production so very well. I for one think that Nick Briggs as done a sterling job here, but this is the first of a six part release. So I do not want there to be development within the work. I also would like to feel that as the story and the intrigue develops with the character developments of the key players within the release, then, the releases will become more and more engaging. Therefore my review mark is based on this, whilst this is excellent, and as good as any audio book that Big Finish have put out of late. There is more to come and I don’t want it to peak to soon. I want it not to be too brilliant I want it to grow. From what I have heard it is certainly got massive potential. Whether all six parts will be single actor based or we get the chance to introduce others remains to be seen. Not wanting to cast aspirations on Briggs acting ability which is par none.

The story is definitely in the realms of a mix of gothic/hammer/lovecraft in the way that it paints and tells it’s tale. I also enjoyed the way that although there is one actor I felt there was a cast (good stuff Mr Briggs). The most important thing that made me sit up and listen, it engaged me, it entertained and it made me wanting to hear more about the bizarre Godfrey Skayne. It is also perfect to make you shiver if you listen to it, late at night on headphones with the lights off.

Roll on the next release.


Nick Briggs presents Jonathan Barnes first in a six parter horror

























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