236 Serpent in the Silver Mask 6th Doctor Adventure Main Range

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236 Serpent in the Silver Mask 6th Doctor Adventure Main Range
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Serpent in the Silver Mask, is rather a clever little audio. We have Doctor No.5 and his usual suspects in the shape of Adric, Nyssa and Tegan landing to try and gather some new crystals to create a new sonic screwdriver. However the place for which their crystal gathering exploits is not the run of the norm planet, asteroid or any other type of planet. For one thing Argentia is a tax haven and falls around 1 hour outside normal time, so this in itself makes the place a rather peculiar place. To avoid unwanted attention of the local authorities the Doctor and crew attend the funeral of Carlo Mazzini, a man whom has made his money from the old school ways, however, his death as bought about the gathering of his family whom are all rather unpleasant in one way or another, and there is a fortune to be dished out. So it is not long after the last will and treatment of Mr Mazzini is read that the fun starts to happen.

This story really is a Doctor Who version of Miss Marple, and the namesake author is name checked several times as the drama plays out. There is a feeling that Agatha Christie herself would have been proud of the way that David Llewellyn as weft a rather ingenious and well crafted piece of Who-inverse across our ear drums. There are plenty of twists and turns here, and the ending is not what you might expect, unless you pay very careful attention to the subtle little tells along the way. Davidson and cast really have pushed the whole No.5 along a long way from even Big Finish early days of their recordings. For that this is a one of the times when although the story is not blast you out your seat, going to change the world and get the twittersphere a blaze, or the forums alight, it is comfortable and well constructed and ultimately very satisfying to the listener. For that it is a standout release.

This is one of those that will be easy to have as a go to audio on your Ipod or the like, it’s easily and will definitely be one on my list that I will go back to from time to time. A little classic here, nice to see that the main range is firing on all cylinders again.


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