The Omega Factor Series 3

17/04/2018 - Omega Factor, Posts
The Omega Factor Series 3
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Omega Factor Series 3 and this time we have the author’s daughter as part of the production, so massive kudos points there for Big Finish, on this already in my opinion one of the best in its class of parapsychology drama’s around and lets face it we have precious little of these around in the productions that promise this type or style of entertainment,  We have four stories to entertain us in this release, all are separate in their telling and therefore you can dip in and out without any fear of missing any of the story or action. There is a theme of the bosses of the department running a hidden agenda, but whether in this series we see this play out is another matter. Onwards to the first story in this release

3.1 Under Glass by Roy Gill

Synopsis of the story is a photographic print as power to give the owner success, and it also has the power to take it away. Adam’s girlfriend is taken in by a well meaning successful individual whom wants to pass on the print and famous print by Hill and Adamson. However the chaotic hell that surrounds the print and its power is soon taking hold of Adam’s girlfriend. The episode takes us straight back to what I can only say for me is a English or Scottish version of the X Files, but with a lot more style and grace. Louise and John are superb leading double act. We get more of the strangeness that we have come to love with Season 1 and 2. In this release however, Adam is more at peace with his ability of telepathy and with Ann guiding him and offering him support and Department 7, then, he is more aware of his powers. Adam also realises though in this episode how he is vulnerable of it as well, it is a double edged sword. Under Glass is one of those episodes that is both hauntingly clever and hauntingly scary, it is a wonderful example of this genre and how Omega Factor is a brilliant addition to the stable of releases. Under Glass certainly put a shiver down my spine.

3.2 Let Us Play by Natasha Gerson

Natashe Gerson is the daughter of the original author of the Omega books, series creation. What Natasha has done here is take a modern day acronym and worked into a story which unfolds a rather dark side, there is a touch of Philip K Dick here. With a disgruntled and ill individual using a demon to stupidly think that he is going to gain by feeding it what it wants. To do this he lures people with the new drug of modern times, video gaming or on line gaming at least. Allowing him to lure the students to feed the demon. It is the link of Ann and an old University pal that brings her to Glasgow and the fact that her colleague is losing his students. Adam and Ann find a rather twisted tale and uncover a rather unpleasant human side to want and desire, and the need to fulfill human cravings. Let Us Play was a rather gritty and much more realistic episode and I enjoyed it a great deal, as well being written by the original author and creators daughter it had an authenticity which is nice in any production. Again Louise and John are superb in this and show case the fact that this is very much loved performance for them both.

3.3 Phantom Pregnancy by Louise Jameson

A person who is a refugee, pregnant is nothing new, but when that individual is trying to make it all the way to Ireland to a sister, and takes shelter in a cave on the Welsh coast from the storm nothing you would think is going to be of a paranormal experience, but it is, when she is floating above the floor. Department 7 is sent to find out what this women posses and what she may have in the realms of power. It is not until the women is back in the security of Department 7 that they find out that she has some serious and extreme powers. Phantom Pregnancy is one of those stories that I thought I had seen on TV, the actual production on this is wonderful and it draws you in. You can also hear the fears and desires in Adam’s voice, and there is a rather clever unexpected twist in this story which is worth waiting for or listening too to hear how Adam as a character is developing and starting to almost come apart, he is starting to feel the fear of the whole stress and strain of it w

3.4 Drawn to the Dark by Phil Mulryne

Drawn to the Dark completes out Omega release thus far, and it takes us back to the previous series and stories with the inception of Omega using Dept 7 for it own gain. It is probably fair to say that you need to have listened to the previous releases of this for this to make much more sense, but if the first three stories have not already won you over, then, what have you been listening too. This is a wonderful way of rounding off the release, and it also has a ending that I for one hope is just a brief break and means that we are going to get further releases. John and Louise with their accompanying cast have made this a wonderful piece of science fiction drama, and I for one hope and pray that Big Finish will make another set of stories, it is clear that this is all done with a lot of love and the qualities of this shine through and make this standout.


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