235 6th Doctor Ghost Walk Who Main Range

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235 6th Doctor Ghost Walk Who Main Range
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A very classic 5th Doctor adventure is presented here by Big Finish, and when I say classic I mean that it emulates the TV style very well, well actually better. The acting is top notch and we get some great performances that pull you into the story line almost from the off. Drawing on experience form a Ghost Walk that the author went on, this takes on the mantle of a journey for the Doctor and his companions to experience the Brotherhood of┬áSabaoth. Deep in the catacombs and alien whom uses the essence of life itself to constantly feed as landed upon Earth and wants to feed. It is no surprise that the Doctor who has landed right in the middle is drawn into this. The story is clever as it follows the exploits of the three companions to their respective separation elements of the story. We follow Nyssa as she befriends a preacher and is accused and tried as a witch, we watch Adric get arrested after stealing a loaf of bread who is sent to be hung, and we fear that Tegan as had her life force removed via the Brotherhood. The Doctor is left to out with the alien force. Put this altogether with the fact that the Doctor is masquerading as a spirit in a modern day Ghost Walker’s head proves a rather good twist for this story.

James Goss as written an absolute classic here, that is without question. The construction of the story from start to finish is perfection, it is very much written, told and acted of it’s time and the feel is that this as Big Finish are ever so clever in doing, in that you could think that this well could have been a 4 parter that you missed. It’s excellent, entertaining and also keeps you gripped and that is all that you can ask from something like this. Well done Mr.Goss and well done BF for putting out another classic in the Main Release Range.



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