Doctor Who Short Stories Mel-evolent 8.02

28/03/2018 - Short Trips
Doctor Who Short Stories Mel-evolent 8.02
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I am going to be quite hard in this review of the current short stories release of the Doctor range. Simply put the story is weak, and I am dam sure that the premises of the story as appeared elsewhere in either Big Finish releases or indeed on TV. The premises and concept of the Doctor’s Tardis being infiltrated by a rogue alien spirit whom wishes to take up residence within the walls and the Doctor and his assistant to do battle to remove the said entity is not for me a new conceptual and original idea. Bonnie Langford is a talented tv/screen and stage actor and does what she can with this script, but it just for me lacks the real punch that previous short story releases have held over the last couple of outing in this range. Whether this is one of those audio’s that was recorded months before Ian Atkins really took hold and gave this range the oomph it has come to enjoy over the last couple of months I am unsure checking with the data tag on the BF website it states that it was 2017. I think looking back through the release in this range that have really punched above their weight they were done after this date. The release is for me just not on the mark and a long way off. It is not the greatest of stories, and for me to say that the only thing that is going for this is the price is a pretty poor. It is 40 odd minutes of No.6 adventure, but it is just not on the same par as what i have come to expect. Lets hope next months address this. Must try harder.


Mel takes us on a short story with old No.6


















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