The Diary of River Song Volume 3

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The Diary of River Song Volume 3
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3.1 The Lady in the Lake by Nev Fountain

The Lady in the lake is a timey-whimey style story that takes us on the first of four outing with River, and some of her relatives, we are to learn. The whole thing is a take on futuristic¬†Euthanasia style fantasy endued end of life facility. The whole story that ensues is something rather morbid and quite dark. It is not what I was expecting, it is also quite revealing in the sense of the character River Song. We see that there is more to her, she is not just a multi dimensional character but multi personality. She comes across in this as a much more complex time lord than say the Doctor, and I think with this story Big Finish have certainly pushed her characterisation and her whole being into another dimension. Add that to the fact we have Peter’s Doctor helping our River come to terms with this quite highly strung and intense opener.

3.2 A Requiem for the Doctor by Jac Rayner

The Doctor, River and their mutual companion Brooke, are visiting Vienna, the story concerns itself with the Aqua Galacia a tasteless and odorless poison apparently used by the bored wife to finish off their husbands. The three share a meal with their hosts. Brooke is bored with history that was until people start dropping like flies. The Doctor with his two companions are investigating whether there is an alternative time line in play. The Doctor as detected an alien substance near to where they are stopping and near to Mozart’s home. It is a few weeks before his death. However the bitter twisted thing that is love is the root of all issue. With a scorned women being the person responsible for a parasitic infection that feeds on negative human emotion, this in turn causing torturous death to those that are exposed. What is more interesting above anything else in this outing is that we get to hear who the real Brooke is, the companion of the Doctor who at the end of this story reveals her true colours. A rather excellent adventure all in all, this much more in the vain of the standard Doctor Who Jac Rayner a veteran at the the old story telling as wend a wonderful and rather clever adventure with feet in both worlds both old and new. She has also developed I think it is far to say the character that one step forward of River Song.

3.3 My Dinner with Andrew by John Dorney

The story develops with Brooke, in the sense that the story starts to flourish, in rather macabre way. We are now thrust into the Mesdames et Messieurs, to The Bumptious Gastropod. A time conversant place where you can arrive after you have eaten your lunch, therefore it appeals to a certain clientele. We start to explore the character of Brooke and her real intentions, for which this clearly is more of a milestone release of River Song stories than at first you would think. For here we have the episode where the planned assassination of the Doctor is too take place, and it is only River Sony that can intervene and potentially stop. Brooke along with her “mother” Madame Kovarian played here by Frances Barber most brilliantly. Kovarian is of course related in some respects to our own River and this becomes even more the rub as this story develops. This third episode is rather revealing and also deeply entertaining, I especially enjoyed Peter’s northern accented character that he plays so wonderfully well. The whole release is now coming into it’s own.

3.4 The Furies by Matt Fitton

The final play out and this episode can be summarized in one simple sentence. Psychotic mind games played out at 100 miles an hour. We have all the pieces in play now with all the genetically engineered genetic sisters of River and of course the puppet master herself Madame Kovarian, whom is relishing the fact that both her and her minions have got rid of the Doctor, or have they, in addition to this they have also captured River and put her to the sword in the sense that she is tortured against her past and her upbringing is a main play of this outing, describing for me things that I didn’t know about the character, which prove to be both revealing and disturbing. The episode is both engrossing and slightly chaotic in a mad sort of way. There is one thing that leaves you with is the simple fact that the Furies by Fitton is one of the most important releases within the River Song Canon that has occurred since the inception of the character, and this release in it self probably requires a relisted so that you are fully conversant with the past that will I hope come to play in the future releases in the range. We have had a rare but wonderful insight and it goes to some way to explain River and her character to greater depth than we have had before, or to reference.



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