8.01. The Authentic Experince

05/03/2018 - Dr Who Short Trips, Dr Who Stuff, Posts
8.01. The Authentic Experince
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Nicola Bryant takes on the role of the narrator and story-teller in this short stories release. Which is a take on the task of a virtual tour operator to a new level. The Doctor and Perry arrive due to an anomaly that the Tardis as picked up. What they discover is that someone is using some advanced piece of kit to give unwilling people with the ability to travel into their own fantasies (mainly in the realms of 1800’s it seems).But the only way that the Doctor can restore any order it to send poor old Perry into the dreams of these virtual tourists and bring them all safety back. A rather amusing and well performed little piece from non other than Mr. Sontaron himself Dan Starkey. The story rolls along at a nice pace and Nicola is superb, not trying to even imitate a 6th Doctor impression but just to narrate his parts, which for me makes for a much more realistic and involving story telling experience. The short stories range is always a little gem for me, and this release firmly keeps it’s grip on the most fundamental thing about any audio drama, the power of the words made into performance, and being relayed in such a way that it gives the listener a break from the days troubles and keeps the listener entertained. A cracking little story, novel idea. and wonderfully performed.


Another cracking release in this range, this time it’s the 6th Doctor and Perry


















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