7.4 The Demon Rises

26/02/2018 - Box Sets Special Release, Dr Who Stuff, Posts
7.4 The Demon Rises
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The Demon Rises brings a close the release in the “special range” for the 4th Doctor so far this year. We have a conclusion on the Ridley style Blade Runner story, a story that I have in my earlier review commented that although excellent, is not the best tale that lends itself to the 4th Doctor range in my opinion. I know that this will either rub some the wrong way, but, it’s my web site and my opinion. The Demon Rises put answers to all those poised questions and cliff hangers from the first episode of the Mind Runners, the Doctor, Lella and their new friend Jacinta take on the final battle to defeat the city at its own game. Of course this leads to a rather ominous ending where the Doctor as to intervene in his inevitable way, putting wrong to right in the just yet sometimes bent methods of his own rules on time or morality. The story end well, I have to admit that Mr Dorney knows how to tell a tale, and tell it with the proper fitting ending, Demon Rises is one of those two parters that exploits all the benefits of Baker and Jameson’s interactive relationship that always makes you chuckle and leaves you thinking that this pure gold.


Final outing for the 4th Doctor in this special set of adventures


















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