The Mind Runners – 4th Doctor Adventure

26/02/2018 - Box Sets Special Release, Dr Who Stuff, Posts
The Mind Runners – 4th Doctor Adventure
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Mind Runners is Big Finish attempt to make a Blade Runner version of the 4th Doctor story, and it works well. We have Tom and Lella think that they have landed in New York, never could this be further from the truth. they have landed on city, not a planet, the city as we come to learn is all-consuming in more ways than one. The city seems stuck in a state of panic as they are building a huge rocket as resources are running out and the inhabitants need to up sticks and move. Of course as there is with any authorities dystopian style rule of the people there are those that rebel. These are the mind runners essentially people who can hop in to the very mind of another and take a ride. However, like all things this has consequences, one of which is that one of the mind runners over hears/experiences something that they shouldn’t. Something that leads to their demise.

The story itself is the first of a two-part ending to the special 4th Doctor release for this period in time. The story is for me well constructed and well acted, there is never an issue with that with Tom and Louise at the helm, the thing that this story doesn’t quite hit for me is the simple fact that the story seems a bit like I have heard it somewhere before. In fact I think it is one of those collective conscious issues where the story maybe slightly different, but the theme is very much on par with another told tale from the Who-universe. That said the story leads to a rather interesting exploration of the concept of who made who (AC/DC references), the extended thinking that an actual city is god and that it is its responsible for not only providing the person with a life but is its creator is further explored in the second half of the release, where, the Doctor and Lella do battle with entity that is the city in question.

Would I think that this is a fitting story for the 4th Doctor I would actually argue that it would have made a better 5th or 6th Doctor story, as the character of that particular Doctor would have in my head come over a bit better. That is my take at any rate for what it is worth.


Blade Runner-esq Doctor Who in this final special release of 2018


















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