The Crowmarsh Experiment – 4th Doctor Adventure

25/02/2018 - Box Sets Special Release, Dr Who Stuff, Posts
The Crowmarsh Experiment – 4th Doctor Adventure
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The Crowmarsh Experiment is a rather clever outing for the 4th Doctor and Leela, as in the words of the writer, it puts Leela back on Earth in the same time as they where actually on the TV screens, which is something that never actually happened when it ran on our screens. That aside the story is a corker. It places Lella in a sort of cross I think between, the science fiction of The Matrix altered reality and that bloody odd film with Lenardo Di Capro where the building and the streets bend and stretch. Albeit in the sense that our intrepid warrior is put into a state of statis where she is then ran almost as a machine, her reality however is that of a medical institution on Earth in 1978 where the Doctor is a rather creepy pseudo fringe medical doctor who is trying to persuade out lovely Lella that she is not who she thinks she is, or indeed her memories are a lie. Needless to say our warrior wins out with her guile and downright bloody mindedness of will and with the help of mind bending resolve she wins through. If nothing else this story displays once again the wonderful way which BF can handle Who in a way which oozes a deeper amount of care and strength in story telling.

Crowmarsh is a benchmark release and will be one of those go to audio adventures that you will listen to in the future either as a refresher or if someone new to Big Finish asks where do they start.



Second out the blocks for our special 4th Doctor Release


















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