The Sons of Kaldor – 4th Doctor Adventure

25/02/2018 - Additional Releases, Box Sets Special Release, Dr Who Stuff, Posts
The Sons of Kaldor – 4th Doctor Adventure
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The Sons of Kaldor is a real slice of classic Who, where by we have the wonderful and ever welcome Tom Baker as Dr no.4 and the gorgeous Louise Jameson as Lella. What makes this even more of welcome release is that we get a chance to hear the wondrous Robots that first made an appearance The Robots of Death. The Robot revolution that is part of the plot of the original TV episode plays out here with the wonderful handling of Big Finish at the helm. However in this outing the Robots are portrayed in part by Toby Hadoke and I have to admit that for me he is superb, really outshines his talents in the sense that he has nailed the Robot nuiace and we are straight back to the original. In fact in some respects this is probably better than the original outing of the metal beasts (although I remeber them wearing padded jackets and gum boots). The story is a wonderful vechicle for Tom and Louise in the way that it wends it way through the tale of the Robots gaining concious and being, and wanting more from life than merely being subservent doers for humans. That is against the back story of a the Doctor and Leela and K9 being present with a crew that have not been around to witness a change in the role or indeed the outlawing of the robots and their kind. It all makes for just wonderful science fiction and a cracking start to this special 4th Doctor release.


More wondrous Baker and the return of those robots


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