5th Doctor Kingdom of Lies Doctor Main Range Release 234

08/02/2018 - Dr Who Stuff, Posts
5th Doctor Kingdom of Lies Doctor Main Range Release 234
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5th Doctor opens the batting for the first release of the year 2018, for Big Finish’s Main Range. The story takes us into what I would call historically accurate mode for the Doctor and the companions that are his current co-hosts. I have always thought and still do that having Nyssa, Tegan and Adric is a crowded group, even though it is a complete replication of the first Doctor in number, for some reason I think that the personalities of the 5th Doctors group are much bigger in their presence than Barbara, Ian and of course the Doctor’s grand daughter. However Khan and Salinsky have done a rather clever story separation plot from the off here. Upon landing on the Cicero Prime, a planet where the Duke and Duchess are shackled in a loveless marriage, for which the extent of their inability to not get on is never so obvious than the whole Dukedom is divided by a line, a line which neatly divides the control between the two. In the first breath of the story therefore we see the Doctor and Nyssa get mistaken for assassins by the Duke who is planning on knocking off the Duchess. Whilst Adric and Tegan are similarly mistaken for assassins by the Duchess. It however soon becomes apparent that there is a plot, underneath which there is a sub plot, under neath which…You get the idea.

This entertaining story takes us through the spiraling twists and turns and the somewhat inevitable ending where we learn that the old adage of enemies are the ones you hold closet are the ones to watch. I for ine enjoyed this 2 hour romp of very accurate 5th Doctor outings, with Peter taking us on an adventure that he delivers with his co-stars with a real joy. The part played by Patsy Kensit is also a joyful one which I also thought sounded great fun for her and for us. All in all Kingdom Of Lies is a bang on first rate release and sets a high mark for future releases in this range. I must mention the music and the sound stage that Big Finish once again have implemented into this, it adds so much to the whole production and is one of the outstanding parts of this release that take it head and shoulders above.


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