Sherlock Holmes The Adventure of the Fleet Street Transparency

19/01/2018 - Exclusives, Posts, Sherlock
Sherlock Holmes The Adventure of the Fleet Street Transparency
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Oh dear this is a classic case of someone rushing something to the market, which in this case was in my honest opinion a rather the worst thing to do. Basically this is a engaging piece that present Nick Briggs and Richard Earl into their established roles of Holmes and Watson. However, the story although beautifully produced, acted and directed, is simply head and shoulders above anything else out there in audio drama world currently of this genre, less the formidable Amazon release by a certain Mr Fry of recent times, this is still quite a definitive in its making, after all when all said and done. Big Finish certainly know their stuff when it comes to making Holmes audio drama. The rich tapestry of and the depth of the whole recording ouzos class, and that is the biggest let down. This release put out just before Christmas 2017 is a story with no story. We have a great big gaping whole that should not exist, now some might argue that this allows for the mystery to grow with the listener and when the final release is put out it will fulfill that element of desire. I am afraid this is not the case to my battered and amused old molecules, I would prefer this to be a story in it’s completion. I even went back and listened to this again to make double sure that my copy had not spooled over and replayed this incorrectly, alas it hadn’t, and therefore what we have is a rather inconclusive drama. I wanted to know more about the invisible man, I wanted to understand why this element of story was not explored more, and indeed made more of. These and other inconclusive elements of this made me feel that this story just simply didn’t fulfill my Holmes fix for Christmas.

I hope that the ensuing release in full of this will answer this question and others that this adventure as left me with, my main concern is that am I really bothered if I dont get to the end of this story, that is a rather unfortunate and a rather big let down. Big Finish in future either release the whole thing or don’t bother, don’t do a half heart release.


A little treat at this festive time from Big Finish and Sherlock Holmes and Co,


















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