4.4 The Wreck of the World

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4.4 The Wreck of the World
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Wreck of the world, is a second Doctor adventure which combines the acting of Frazier Hines as both Jamie and the Doctor, and Wendy Padbury as  Zoe the child genius, that the Dr first meets in ‘The Wheel in Space’. The three literally crash into the Ship called The World, well, not actually crash they are forced into crashing when an over enthusiastic crew of treasure hunter assistants working for the rather peculiar Professor Blavatsky, a historian/archaeologist  who is apparently is trying to rescue the artifacts from the wreck, to bring back to the archives of Professor and his peers, so that future generations can understand their distant past. Of course the plot is not that straight forward, and if I were to say that there are elements of the Wicker Man here and there in the telling of the tale I don’t think I am too far off the mark, you will hear this if you take this release for a spin.

One of the standouts for me is the relationship that develops between Zoe and 21, an augmented human, who is near genius as Zoe. The pure and untainted appreciation and also identification of their like for like personalities that builds is one of the many aspects that Atack as written a rather clever and highly enjoyable release in this second Doctor series. I must admit that it took me a couple of listens to get the story to sit in my mind, on listening to the extras the writer makes reference to his incredibly careful writing of the piece, so that no reference is made to colour throughout so as to be authentic and representative of the actual second Doctor era, for me that takes this release further up my admiration, and in fact makes this release one of my definite favorites of 2017.

The Early Adventures is for me the purest form of audio entertainment from the Who universe, and with this release again confirms that it is the best hands possible to continue to make excellent retro adventure stories with superb writing, acting and production.


The last early release of the year for these excellent early adventures


















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