7.12. O Tannenbaum

28/12/2017 - Dr Who Stuff, Posts, Short Trips
7.12. O Tannenbaum
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This story has elements of Evil Dead and The Seeds of Doom, all within the space of 40 odd minutes, the writing of this is simply out of this world. It is a simple story wonderfully executed. Purvis is simply stand out as both Steven, The Doctor and as the story narrator. This release has that sprinkling of BF magic that makes it feel on reflection a much bigger soundscape than the sum of its parts. The story tells of the need for some rather poorly behaved trees not fully understanding the meaning of the winter pagan going on us human beings and the need for the flora of the planet to understand mans need to celebrate the winter solstice.

This is a cracking end of the year release and a recording I for one will put on my list of essential Christmas things to listen too and watch for Christmas next year.



The last release in this ever growing and superb range of drama


















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