233 Static Dr Who Main Range

24/12/2017 - Dr Who Stuff, Posts
233 Static Dr Who Main Range
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This is the last main range release for the year, and to be honest, last months was not as good as I had come to expect, so a lot was riding on this one, with the same team of the Doctor, Constance and Flip. However continuity of cracking releases has been restored, this story has elements of classic other Sci-Fi drama in bucket loads, which are carefully sewn together in this release. They offer the listener a truly wonderful tale to listen too, and what is more, as a custom to listen to a ghost story at Christmas is often the case, this without doubt is certainly ticking that box, although not an out-and-out story of horror, it is the spooky tale at heart and one which I would recommend to listen to, even if you are not a main range subscriber or usual listener.

Baker does a fine job as No.6 and he is the glue that the story hangs off so well, Constance well a shock is in store over her past, present and future here, and will form for ever part of her Who life with what goes on in here, Flip is also not for me as tiring as normal (sorry if you are Flip fan, but she isn’t my favourite companion for me) and probably never will be. However she redeems herself here with a rather clever, understated performance.

The story itself is clever, very clever, with us experiencing that the Doctor himself is partly responsible for the containment of an alien entity that are and have used the dead to propagate their existence back on Earth, and of course to take over. It is only the quick thinking and the skillful mastery of time and the use of it by the Doctor that side steps a potential threat to humanity.

For a last roll of the dice for 2017 this is a superb release, and as bought an end to this years releases all of which have been never anything other than entertaining, fulfilling and exceptionally well acted, written, and produced by Big Finish and their cast and crew.



Abandoned Caravan Parks, Stone Circles and Human Sacrifice what more could you ask for


















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