U.N.I.T Series 5 Encounters

14/12/2017 - Box Sets Special Release, Nu Who, UNIT
U.N.I.T Series 5 Encounters
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The Dalek Transaction by Matt Fitton

UNIT are on the trail of purchasing from a South American guerilla outfit a alien artifact that they are keen to sell to the highest bidder, however, UNIT consider that the artifact is non other than a Dalek. But what sort of Dalek is it. The other issue is it appears that the guerilla outfit lead by Gonsalves and wonderfully played by Karina Fernandez is excellent, it adds a real feeling to the whole. In fact she steals the show for me. The other thing that sticks out about this is Nick Briggs, he has given the Dalek in this something extra, something that is quite scary. There is certainly an element of fear in his performance, I have not heard in a while. The story gallops along with a far pace, and the outcome, well I will leave that for you to listen to. All I know this is cracking first release to the series 5 of the NU Who/Old Who drama series. BF have done a first rate job, how can you go wrong with such a stellar cast, and first rate story from Fitton.

Invocation by Roy Gill

Kate is caught up in a old fight from her father, and the use of sounds as a weapon. Kate goes North to check out and old property, but the caretaker of a UNIT property is the person whom invented and wanted to use the tech. For which Lethbridge Stewart dead against and shut it down. This is a story of past friendships and revenge coming to the fore, and testing what they meant to the individuals in question, certainly Kate is tested over her childhood friendship with a past acquaintance. Is this a past boyfriend that got away from Kate. I like the character development of the UNIT team here it is one of the benefits that BF have to hand. The story is a classic, ghost story meets science fiction, and unfolds in a very fast paced way, as do all of the stories that are told here, that said this is the sort story that probably would better listened too if you where in a dark room late at night, not as I did when I did the review in a open office with nice bright lighting. However, the skill of the writing as given us one thing and that is that we are able to certainly feel the horror that the team are feeling. This is a scary and certainly gets your nerves jangling.

The Sontaran Project by Andrew Smith

The episode stars a personal favorite of mine, the Sontaran’s who are not really baddies, they are just a little cloned OCD, and have what can only be described as issues over their social etiquette, but that aside they do make for fantastic stories, and Andrew Smith as not let us down here. The UNIT bods are on the trail of why there is a exceptional amount of radiation around the forests of Belgium, In turn Osgood is off to a science conference, which leads her to a chance meeting with an old college. Or is it chance. Why is their what appears as well in the forest of the Arden a Sontaran ship. Well the easiest answer is listen to story three of the box set, potentially one of the best for it’s taking you on a real journey. The stand out thing here after two stories in, is that we can clearly see the various parts starting to really gain their own characteristics far more than we get chance on the TV screens, in fact I would go as far, that most of the Nu Who fans need to start to listen to BF releases as it gives that background and life beyond what you see scenario. The characters are all starting to develop and in ways that you would not normally expect. The leader is not as infallible as you think, Shindi is far more driven than we have given him credit for, and Osgood is starting to really shine. If you add this to a really good story line and of course the wonderful Sontaran as the Who monster of choice then you are in for a real treat. Oh god these stories are good.

False Negative by John Dorney

Osgood is doing the dance of the two beasts with Josh. Then she turns into a psycho bitch, and shoots him with one of her recovered alien artifacts, of course things are not as they should be and this is down to the fact that Osgood and Josh are in fact in a parallel universe, where their own alter ego’s are living a much stranger existence, a where none of the team get on, and what is more Josh and Osgood are romantically involved, something that is causing Osgood a great deal of discomfort. Proceeding take a turn when the Osgood’s don’t quite get back to their own realities. Well what a cracking episode to end the release with, This was quite the most complex and hardest to follow, the simple thing is that when you have duplicates it never quite works, audio wise it is impossible to do the parallel with the same actors within the same scene well. BF have given it a good crack, and it works, but this requires immense concentration on the listens part to keep a breast of the story as it plays out. Give it the due time and consideration and it will reward you

Fantastic release cannot wait for the next series


Series 5 of the ever entertaining New U.N.I.T


















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