10th Doctor Series 2 – The Sword of the Chevalier

13/12/2017 - Box Sets Special Release, Dr Who Stuff, Nu Who, Posts
10th Doctor Series 2 – The Sword of the Chevalier
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Second installment in, of this second boxed set, and this time Rose and the Doctor are not so much pitted against an alien entity, they are trying to save the Earth from a rather unusual slave traders. In the process of doing so, they met the Chevalier as sort of transgender/spy/freedom fighter whom as spied for the French, lied about what she/he is and also done a lot of fighting. Enter the Doctor and Rose whom are about to be whisked away on an adventure unlike any other. The first things about this rather cracking swashbuckling story is that Guy Adams as used a good old dollop of humor, and I found this bother entertaining and also a welcome addition to the plot. I especially like the fact that the alien we are faced with is actually two faced, well infarct three but that doesn’t have the necessary impact upon the statement if said I suppose. The action is thick and fast and this gallops along and eats away at the mere hour of it running time. Once again take heed all audio actors as Tennant and Piper put in a masterclass of performance audio art here with out a missing a beat. The other thing that stands out about this is the subtle but wonderful use of sound in the background, I must admit that for once I listened to this on my rather underused and overtly expensive HIFI and for once I thoroughly enjoyed the audio experience. It certainly added to my enjoyment.

It has to be said that this story for me is better than the first, it is a tale that you would have believed to have been a missed episode from the TV years. However, all said and done, the BF treatment on this is first rate and shines way above anything that BBC could have done with Tennant and his tenure as the Doctor. The swashbuckling element really is worked well. For me the quote by the Doctor that he learnt his craft from the Rathbone school of sword fighting is a t-shirt in itself awaiting printing.

Alas this also heralds that fact that we are fast approaching the last installment, I wonder how long we have to wait before we get another box set, I wonder if BF have thought that this is bound to bring the newer Who fan to their door, so perhaps making more of them would be a game changer, and would also lead to other titles being purchased by a audience eager to listen to quality Who drama. We will have to wait and see.


Sexually ambiguous french spies and two faced aliens



















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