10th Doctor Series 2 – Infamy Of The Zaross

12/12/2017 - Box Sets Special Release, Dr Who Stuff, Nu Who, Posts
10th Doctor Series 2 – Infamy Of The Zaross
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Has it been a whole year, or as it been longer, I cannot remember, what I can recall is the general hurrah! from the Who collective at the fact that BF got their hands on the licence to write and put out 10th Doctor stories, with original companions of the era adjacent to the the Nu Who. Here we have arguably one of those most talented Doctor’s in the shape of Tennant and the companion that all other Nu Who’s are measured by in the shape of Rose (Billy Piper). It goes without saying that the dynamic that Tennant and Piper give, their respective energies that they bought and bring to the characters is of a different era, a different quality, and above all else a take that is much more up to date, well up to date in comparison with say Harknell, Troughton or Pertwee. That said you can dress a pig in a dress, it is still a pig, so this is still Dr Who, and we kick off the first of these three releases with a rather entertaining and highly crafted, faultless first attempt. Dorney in charge of the keyboard here in the writing department as produced a clever, and funny story, with a tad of the poking fun at the world we actually live in. Infamy of the Zaross, is the telling of the story, of a race whom are nothing special in their opinion taking things to heart and sorting out through a rather unscrupulous group who have sold the idea of TOWIE meets Who. Take a harmless but bored race of aliens and sell them the idea that creating a reality TV series, that is based on a real brutal version of Cinema Paradiso and you can have a war mongering, you will never forget race of aliens based on viewing figures and people tuning into see what others would walk a mile to avoid. Enter the Doctor and Rose who are summoned after the said alien reality show rolls into the county of Norwich to play out it’s macabre pantomime.

Tennant does not miss a beat, and displays here why he is one of this countries best actors, he also shows why his term as the Doctor is by many considered one of the best of the NU who incarnations that has been, the same is true of Piper who shines here, and belies her years and an actress of much depth of tenure, she comes across as the true polished professional, and instantly as the drama plays out, you are given back one of the strongest pairing of the reboot of the TV classic, and what is more with the BF class of writing and story telling, you get to here them act out a story that blows the socks of many of those episodes on TV where the budget was bigger, and everything that was needed was straight to hand. I for one admire both the way in which BF have actually made the 10th Dr stories far more accessible and of a higher quality and in turn more enjoyable.

Cracking first release in this second series of stories from the 10th Doctor stable


The 10th Dr and Rose come to the rescue over reality TV



















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