232 The Middle 6th Doctor Main Release

12/12/2017 - Dr Who Stuff, Posts
232 The Middle 6th Doctor Main Release
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No.6 or good old Number 6 as Colin often refers to himself, however, this release for me as the one companion I just and never will get, Flip. Constance Clarke is superb, and wondrous invention in the realms of all the greatest companions, Flip for me is just too dam upbeat and happy. Ok moaning aside, is this a quality release, you bet your life it is, for one thing it is another story that twists and bends the rules, so that what you are presented with is a remarkably clever story, that as a brilliant twist, a twist beyond anything I was expecting. It was interesting theme that Chris Chapman as explored here, a sort of enjoy your life when you are young enough to enjoy it, the middle of your life you repay the time you have spent enjoying it and then once you reach maturity you go on to do battle in a war that seemingly as been raging for far too long, in fact many have never known it not be this way, surely that should raise a question or two. The fact that the those whom are in control, allow only one message a year to pass between the middle and the young is also somewhat of a bizarre and strange arrangement.

That said all of this just adds to the overall intrigue that the story commends, and also makes you listen more intently. I do enjoy Constance Clarke and No.6 interaction they seem so very well matched, and, Constance is the voice of reason throughout this, although Flip does add the Yang to Constance’s Ying. The ending comes as a one of those moral awakening that we know is coming in a Who story, but, we never cease to underestimate that it has resonance with society today. Chapman as written I consider one of the most well constructed stories for No.6 in some time, and it is apparent that Colin enjoys telling this story in the guise of the timecard. His battle with what is to what should be is transparent from the start and he has made the most of the script here. This story is another timely reminder that the unexpected is sometime found in the most logical of tales, and this is no exception. The Middle is a rather clever use of a idea that works very well, and even made me think, that perhaps there was some twisted logic in what reality was being painted. Albeit that I am firmly now in The Middle – so as to whether I would actually want a life like this, is somewhat circumspect.


No6, Constance and Flip land on Formica, where things appear a little back to front



















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