4.3. The Morton Legacy

12/12/2017 - Dr Who Stuff, Posts
4.3. The Morton Legacy
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Clever, Clever Clever, that are three words that spring to mind instantly when I listen to this release, from the ever increasing catalogue of first, second, and third Doctor classic ranges. This release sees the paring of original companions Frazer and Anneke in the Morton Legacy, which has more than an obvious nod towards the Doyle/Dickens style about it as it flows for over 2 tremendous hours of audio entertainment. It is also once again stamps with authority the wonderful and careful preserved way that Big Finish tastefully handle the whole Doctor range, when there is no living Doctor around. Frazer certainly conveys the feel, and general feel of Troughton, without it being too much like an impersonation, he uses nuance that only you could do if you had of worked as he did with Patrick. Anneke, just is the icing on the top of cake, with her, ability to portray her part of Polly, but Anneke’s ability to also act as the narrator and sort of place a thread for the listener to follow adds to the overall feel of the entire release. I have a personal soft spot for just how good these releases are and must admit not one of these during the last 12 months as failed to live up to nothing more than a stunning release after release. It has certainly cemented them amongst some of the better series that Big Finish push onto the ever eager listener.

The Morton Legacy, is clever in that in truth it could be listened to with the Who references removed and you would enjoy it just as a piece of drama, and, it is that quality that makes this story all the more listenable too. The idea that the Doctor is outwitted by his own over thinking is a clever and draws on a rather clever out of the box thinking by the author, god these guys are good and telling a yarn. I cannot recommend this story enough, it is as good to start from here to just get into Big Finish and the magic the make, a good stepping on point for anyone.


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