7.11 All Hands on Deck

21/11/2017 - Dr Who Short Trips, Dr Who Stuff, Posts
7.11 All Hands on Deck
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This little gem, is a story about Susan and her return to Earth, after the second Dalek war on Earth. Carole-Ann Ford does a wonderful job, as both the story telling, and acting as the part of Susan. Susan is also living in the Coal Hill School which is now an apartment block, most of her days are spent dealing with dealing and securing the Earths defenses to repeal any future attacks from the evil that is the Dalek. However Susan is interrupted in her day to day activities with the interruptions from such things as custard, asteroids threatening earth, and spiders that are more droid than actual biological matter, therefore who is trying to drag Susan’s attention, and to divert her day to day activities, what lasting effect will this diversion have as well upon the rest of Susan life are going to unfold as our story does.

These short stories have really come into their own, and the production, writing, acting and general overall values that the range is presenting is a real credit to Ian Aitkens and steering this to becoming a lot bigger than it first was. I have just had my email telling me that my sub as expired I for one will be renewing this as this is a superlative range, and the stories are wonderfully evocative of each era of the Doctor that are portrayed.

Worth a lot more than the mere couple of English pounds that they ask for them.


Susan is back at Coal Hill School, but things have changed since the Dalek Wars


















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