4.2 The Outliers – Doctor Who Early Adventures

21/11/2017 - Dr Who Stuff, Posts
4.2 The Outliers – Doctor Who Early Adventures
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I think the best term to use is stripped and ripped, this is a early adventure release with Frazier Hines playing his part of Jamie as well as the second Doctor. We have Anneke Wills as Polly and the narrator and Elliot Chapman taking on the role of Ben. The cast is not immense but the Big Finish wand of cleverness and magic allows them to some how make five people sound like it is a cast of thousands. Simon Gurrier as wrote a story that is of the time as well. He mentions in the extras that he tried to imagine that it was a all in black and white and therefore it would have that feel. It comes across very well that this is of the time period and that it is of the heady days of the second doctor. I think that the way that Frazier Hines portrayed the second Doctor is as good as Treloar rendition of the Third one, it is careful, and well imagined without being heavily, or overly impersonation, in this story, the thing that I took, was it must by mighty confusing for Frazier, and the audio editing must really mount up. But the effort is always worth it.

Outliers, tells the tale of scientist and mining experts who are extracting a rather dangerous and unstable mineral that can and as been used in the cause of waging war. The other thing that is apparent is the most of the people who are working on this are in cahoots with making cash from the arms dealing. This coupled with the fact that the local aboriginal occupants of the asteroids are not happy with the theft of their minerals and the occupancy of their home. But is the sea really water or is it the organic life that lives and wants is home back, is fighting back, but profit is king, and therefore, maybe the scientist and workers that are disappearing are down to the upset natives of the asteroid planet.The other very vivid and audio rendered magic is that they are building a city in a sea. I can just imagine the sets that would have been built in the BBC studios to portray this, they would have been amazing in their glorious B&W low resolution imagines, it makes for a wonderful vision as you listen to story unfold.

This was a cracking story, and I thoroughly enjoyed this second Doctor story, and look forward to next months release building on the quality second doctor releases that have been appearing over the last couple of years. All of which are getting better and better on each release.


Early adventures with the second Doctor on a asteroid swamped underwater


















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