231. The Behemoth – 6th Dr Adventure Main Range

16/11/2017 - Dr Who Stuff, Posts
231. The Behemoth – 6th Dr Adventure Main Range
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Okay lets talk about the elephant in the room, well in this case the rhino. This story is not so much your typical Sci-Fi it is more it is a tale of the past, a tale of the past of Great Britain, when in truth we had gained our greatness not from changing the world through our own endeavors as we think or are taught, but off the backs of those that we can exploit. Yes the errors and horrors of the past have came home to roost in this the 231st Main Range Doctor release. For this is a release that exposes what the jewel of the empire was like, a empire that got fat off others and their suffering, and non more so that the class divide that was apparent at these times. Now it is hard for me as a science fiction fan to say that this is a full out science fiction story as in truth it is more a work of historical fiction than anything else. We get the sixth doctor and his new or slightly worn in companion now as Mr Clarke and also Flip, doing the rounds as ladies of society in 18th Century Bath. Taking the waters as they did in those days.However, all is not as it should be, greed the over riding malevolent human condition comes into play in spade fulls here. It is not long before we realize that those with the least value have the most to tell of those that should in truth know better. Or at least behave in a way keeping with their class in society, alas of course this is not the case. The Doctor prevails with the assistance of Flip and Mrs Clarke to put right the wrongs and all with the appearance of the TARDIS once or twice. The thing that does make a resounding stage presence is the Rhinoceros, another throw back to a time when these creatures where a curio as they were not found in the Northern European hemisphere.

It is hard to say whether this is a good or bad adventure story, I suppose for the purest then the answer is no, it is a rather good jolly historical jape with old Number 6, on the other hand it is no Death to the Daleks and what the Doctor faces is more sinister evil, that of how bad human beings can be to one another, as opposed to monsters that we clearly don’t have an immediate correlation with. For that this is for me in the same area as the Peterloo release earlier in the range, and for that simple reason although a rather good, entertaining story it is not one I would immediately listen to again.


Not the standard story in this 6th Doctor outing


















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