7. Waiting For Gadot

17/10/2017 - Dr Who Short Trips, Dr Who Stuff, Posts, Short Trips
7. Waiting For Gadot
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Hugh Ross, telling this story was fine up until the point he felt it necessary to try and imitate Tom Baker, and then it lost all credence in my head. The story is fine, if a little left of center and to a point more again of a mouth watering, taste of something to come. The idea of the Doctor intervening and taking over a photo shoot of long distant and extinct bird, is rather curious a point to start, added to this that the story unfolds to tell the tale of the said photo/video journalist then capturing Doctor 4 and his boss sending him back to get more of him as opposed to the bird as he seems to have a quality that would make for something people would rather look at than video of wildlife.

The production levels here are massive, and that shines through here, it is just the mix of actor and the story telling don’t mix, this is not one of my favorite releases and something I personally would not go back to listen, this is not a reflection on Big Finish as it is genuinely made with love, its just this is like the trifle out of the Friends episode where the two pages have stuck together and it contains custard and beef, it is all good just not served in the same dish. I think that this is the problem with this.


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