7.09 A Heart on Both Sides

12/10/2017 - Dr Who Short Trips, Dr Who Stuff, Posts, Short Trips
7.09 A Heart on Both Sides
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This highlights the reason why this range is the shining star of the Big Finish range. In the fact that these are put together, produced and to a standard that is simply stunning, and all for a couple of pounds/dollars/euros makes them worth a lot more than there face value. Couple this with level of the writing, acting and sound production this is what makes these little audio gems stand out from the ranges that Big Finish put out. This story in itself is another one of those gems. Sarah Sutton, whom for this release is both the narrator and plays her part as Nyssa is simply stunning, as she tells the story of a hospital ship where Nyssa is the medical controller, The Time War is raging and the ship is busy treating casualties from both sides a deep mistrust is evident. Nyssa and her assistant travel to a planet nearby to Gallifrey where they are needed to treat the suffering wounded of the war, only to find that the Timelords are the least favoured in the encumbered battle of war over there is an over whelming hate of the Timelords and all they stand for on the planet. This is the key to this story, that the parable of not seeing further than the end of your nose can cause more issues than it resolves. That those whom we consider to be the towers of virtue are not as far removed from being a victim of their own miss-interpretations of what actually is right and wrong. In this story which has not the most unexpected, but does not in any way detract from the sheer wonderment of the story and it’s telling gives you an ending that makes you both smile and nod to yourself, it plays out perfectly. In fact the running time is in my opinion too short. This could have been a full blown main release in truth. The story is that good. Another


A cracking Short Trips story highlighting this ranges strengths


















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